Stained Glass by Adrianna "Quality You Can See"
Stained Glass by Adrianna "Quality You Can See"

How Stained Glass Is Made

A drawing is made of the stained glass creation.  Adrianna meets with her customers and listens to their ideas and specific color choices. The drawing is then sent to the customer for their approval. All lines in the drawing represent solder lines.  Each piece in the drawing is a piece of stained glass. 

Each color of stained glass is hand selected, cut, sharp edges are ground away with a diamond grinder and then placed in its corresponding place.  

When all stained glass pieces are cut and placed, it is time to clean each piece and inspect it for cracks. 

Each individual piece of stained glass is wrapped in a copper foil that is hand applied.  The copper foil gives the solder something to adhear to.  

When all of the copper foiling is completed, it is time to solder the entire piece, both front and back. 

After soldering is completed, a patina is applied to the bright silver solder lines to give the stained glass an aged look.  The stained glass is framed with zinc to add a finished look as well as giving it more strength.  Hooks are then fitted to the frame for hanging.  The stained glass is cleaned, polished and carefully inspected for cracks.  

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